Episode 081 – Managing Personal Finance | Steve from Money Dashboard

Episode 081 – Managing Personal Finance | Steve from Money Dashboard

Hello! Today Alvar talks with Steve, CEO at Money Dashboard, an app that has simplifying personal finance management as its goal: he shares with us insights on how to use this type of apps in an effective way and how it can help people on their way to financial independence. Enjoy!

We also talk about:

  • Transactions categorization
  • Planning
  • Cross-country account management
  • Relations with banks
  • Data usage
  • Identifying blind spots

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A personal finance management app

Steve is the CEO at Money Dashboard, and the app they provide helps people manage their personal finance so it can be a valuable tool for anyone on the road to FI: as Steve explains, the app does it by presenting all the aspects of their financial life in one place, organizing spending data and giving tools to manage their cash flow. Everything is modular and highly customizable, which makes Money Dashboard a viable option for both those who want to simplify their management and those who want to go deeper and tweak things.

Multi-account management and data security

In order to let the app effectively gather all the necessary information about financial transactions and so on the user has to provide access data for all his bank and other accounts to the platform, a passage that poses many issues about data security and privacy. Steve explains how this very sensitive topic has been addressed by his company and how it works in conjunction with their business model which give the app for free and uses aggregate and anonymized data as an asset.

Money Dashboard and financial education

Of course an application of this type can have a beneficial effect on the awareness and perception of the user about his finances: additionally, Steve talks about some more active approaches inside the app that can have a positive influence on cash flow management. Soon a marketplace of stock products that are considered worth of consideration for an optimal financial management.

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  1. I was thinking to get a personal finance management app for myself but I wasn’t sure if it would be useful for me so I decided to do a little research and I came across your article and after reading it I feel it would really be helpful for me, thank you for this useful article.

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