Financial Independence Retreat Europe May 20-24 2022

Financial Independence Retreat Europe May 20-24 2022

In short

The FI Europe Retreat is THE place for the Financial Independence Community in Europe. It’s for people who are already working towards Financial Independence or the ones who already are and want to work on their post FI path. Imagine a mix of conference, vacation, hands on projects, coaching and think tank in one trip. Expect motivation, information, inspiration and aspiration.

The Financial Independence Europe Retreat 2022 will take place 50km from Valencia, Spain, in a private estate of 130 hectares, surrounded by orange orchards and lush pine forests.

During this retreat, we’ll spend four days and four nights together in a lovely, big villa in the countryside.

The retreat will include daily workshops, talks and activities as well as free time for walking in nature or hanging out with others.

Our aims are to learn from each other, create connections and share experiences.

Villa FI Europe Retreat 2022

This retreat is for you if:

  • You want to get to know more like-minded people from the FI community
  • You are FI or are on your path to FI
  • You are open to get to know new people
  • You are open to share your knowledge and experiences
  • You are open to new ideas and want to learn about Financial Independence

The retreat is not for you if you:

  • Don’t want to share a villa with strangers
  • Are looking for an all-inclusive holiday from ‘off the shelf’

FI Europe Retreat 2022 community room


The retreat

The Retreat is designed to help you envision your future self and help one another find their unique strengths and visions and then be able to put an actionable plan together for next steps. We want to recalibrate our minds and thought processes for 4 days and well beyond.

This year’s theme is “Build your own future!” We all know that life is not linear and that there are certain barriers you need to cross to get to the next level. We will spend a huge amount of time chatting about these “pivotal life points”.

To make this happen, we will offer a set of activities and workshops to create awareness of your individual circumstances and your desired future lifestyle. We want to enable personal transformation by understanding your skills and identity. Our workshop formats (led by an experienced coach) will help you to define a strategy and the steps required to move forward with your career, your side hustles, investments, relationships and lifestyle.

As usual we will also spend time discussing our favorite topics:

  • Business & Freelancing
  • ETFs & Stocks
  • Real Estate
  • New asset classes like crypto, defi, NFT, private equity, etc…
  • Geo arbitrage
  • Discovering
  • Tax optimization
  • Minimalism & Stoicism
  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Discovering Spanish culture


We especially want to invite all participants to bring their own topics and enrich the variety of topics and perspectives with their personal obsessions.

FI Eaurope Retreat 2022 terace


From 20th to 24th May. The retreat will begin on Friday at noon and will conclude on Tuesday by 10:00 am.


We’ll have a villa just for our group, 50 km outside of Valencia in a private, quiet estate. It is part of a beautiful valley close to the sea.

Where will we sleep?

In the villa there are multiple two-bed rooms and one dormitory with 8 beds. If you book one ticket in a two-bed room, you will need to share a room with one other participant.

How much?

In order to assist with planning and organization, we are offering the following prices:

Retreat ticket and sharing a twin room                  649 €

Retreat ticket and sharing an 8 bed dormitory      579 €

We have 2 specially priced tickets for 2 guests who would like to help during the retreat (e.g. setting up breakfast/dinner tables, cleaning up after dinner, collecting people up from the train station, grocery shopping).

Get 50 Euro off if you book until March 18 (Friday). Mentioning the keyword “FreedomFriends” in the application form! Prices increase soon. 



FI Eaurope Retreat 2022 pool

The fee covers:

  • (shared) room accommodation
  • Breakfast (simple buffet style)
  • Snacks
  • 2 Dinners in Villa, 1 Dinner in Restaurant
  • Yoga
  • Workshop
  • Mini conference style talks
  • Use of all villa amenities (e.g., pool, kitchen, living room, tennis court)

Flights and Transportation are not included in the ticket.


Fi Europe retreat 2022 Dining Room


The plan is to have mornings dedicated to FI talks and interesting conferences/debates lead by a professional coach and contributed by community members.  In the afternoon we will have time to enjoy the pool, go on hikes in the surrounding hills and socialise within the group. The day will end with a nice Valencian dinner and a good glass of wine.

If you would like to host a talk/debate or have a cool idea for something to do in the morning, please tell us in the survey.

We will host the event unconference style. We are convinced every one of you is a Guru in something, so we want to have all participants contribute by way of a talk, debate, workshop or fun activity. It’s also a great way to connect with each other. We are updating the schedule continuously and will share it with all fellow ‘retreaters’ in advance.


 Do you want to join?

  1. ➡️ Fill out this survey
  2. We will reach out to you via Email and ask you to make your payment.
  3. After your payment is recieved we will confirm you bookings.

The FI Europe Team



Is the date and location fixed?


How do I get from the airport to the FI Europe Villa?

The easiest way to get there is with a rental car (we will be happy to open a group chat, where participants can organize to share costs). You can also get there by train and bus. We will pick you up at the closest train station.

What’s the content of the schedule?

We will not be running a conference where you sit in your chair and consume content delivered by self-declared gurus. Everybody is a guru! That’s why we are running this event unconference style, where every participant contributes something like a talk, workshop or activity. This doesn’t mean it has to be about investing necessarily. It can also be a yoga session or Lego serious play session (like last time) or talk about “how I build my tiny house”. Everything is possible. Just reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or email. Ultimately, you have to trust that we will deliver some interesting content. Last time we managed to do so and were able to satisfy the curiosity of people who are already FI.

Who can book? (Age, gender, etc.?)

It doesn’t matter. The retreat is about inclusion, not selection.


Please note that we aren’t a travel business! We are organising this event for the FIE community and for us. As we need to pay for the villa/activities/food in advance, we need the security of knowing how many people will actually join. Therefore we will not offer refunds.  In the unlikely event you can transfer your place to someone else, please ensure you confirm this via email.

Corona & other lethal things.

The retreat is a corona free zone. We neither have plans to talk about it and nor host lethal virus, bacteria and weapons. Please make sure to be compliant with the local rules in Spain at the time of the event. As a minimum requirement we kindly ask you to be vaccinated or recovered. Please additionally use common sense to protect others (& yourself). We will inform about the actual regulations, further details of our covid concept and testing requirements a few weeks in advance. Currently it looks like we get fewer restrictions regarding corona in Spain than we had in winter.

Kids & Families

The Event is not specifially designed to be joined with babys or kids. As being inclusive it is important to us. We nevertheless invite you to join the event partially or fully. You can also consider an accommodation near our property and just join selected sessions. We can also help you to find local childcare offers so you have your head and hands free listen to talks and get. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find an individual solution. We’re proud to host young party people, families or single parents, adults and old people all under one roof. Is worked out in the past and it will also at the FI Europe Retreat 2022. We profit from the experience of different generations and the group is big enough to also find folks that live through a similar live period right now.

Dogs, cats, pigs

Pets are not allowed inside of the vila and only with dog leash/lead outside of it. Best to come without or work with a local dog sitter / dog hotel.

➡️ Fill out this survey if you’d like to join! Send us a mail or FB  message if you have questions.

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