Sponsor FI Europe

Sponsor FI Europe

There are two main options of partnering with us, although we’re all ears if you want to work with us in any other way.

Episode Sponsors

We are looking for long-term partners who are willing to commit for a minimum of 12 episodes. What we do is get to know your product well and thus be able to speak about it on our weekly episode. We are able to work with your team to customise the message but we also like to speak in terms of our own experience with your product/service.

  • You will get a permanent link in the show notes of each sponsored episode.
  • A link from our home page during your sponsorship period.
  • Your name in the podcast description on iTunes.
  • A tweet/facebook/instagram post mentioning you with each sponsored episode.
  • Mentioning in our newsletter and Facebook Group
  • Minimum commitment: 12 episodes
  • Ad price per episode

Fill in the form at the end of the page to be notified when we next have an available spot.

Interview-style Ad

This is ideal for product launches or marketing boost type campaigns. We will interview you about your product/service and make sure we gather the points that are most relevant to our audience. Our producer will polish the recording to make sure it sounds great, so don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience doing this kind of thing.

  • These interview-style spots usually run 4-5 minutes.
  • You will get a permanent link in the show notes of each sponsored episode
  • A link from our home page during episodes release.
  • Spots available now, contact us to book your spot.
  • Ad price per episode


If you’re interested or need more information on our extensive network of podcasts, events and communities across europe please send us an email financialindependenceurope-gmail-com or use our contact form.

Recent sponsors

  • mintos.com
  • evoestate.com


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