Episode 146 – Holding Crypto Securely | Nick Neumann

Episode 146 – Holding Crypto Securely | Nick Neumann

Hi FI Europeans,

In this episode I speak with Nick Neumann. He is the CEO of Casa a Startup from Denver in the US.

today talk about the different security aspects of holding crypto and here especially Bitcoin as one of the more conservative plays in that field. The one important question you have to ask yourself when holding crypto is. Whom do you trust more: yourself or an exchange.

In the past your choice has been storing crypto on a hardware wallet and potentially losing the device or the password. Or you could have kept your holdings on an Exchange like Binance or Coinbase where you do not control the cryptographic key to the wallet. Casa is helping to make hardware wallets and self custody more resistant to human failure improving user friendliness and resilience. And by that it’s making crypto available for a broader audience and driving the evolution of the current wave of new financial services.


We talk about:

  • Evolution of self custody and wallets
  • Security measures at Cassa
  • BTC vs. other coins
  • Transitioning from Product Management to CEO
  • FI Community and crypto
  • Metaverse and crypto

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