Here we list some helpful services and products that we use and that will help you achieving and maintaining financial independence. We organised them by category, so that it’s easier to find them. We are not aiming for a full list – instead we only recommend services we and the community use and like. For some of the services and resources we get a commission at no cost for you. For some services we have negotiated a cashback or more value for you. Feel free to suggest new services you like and stop by for new offerings in the future.




Get yourself the world sexiest bank account. Free of charge with spaces feature to save money for certain goals like vacation, a new fridge or a wedding dress ;). Sign up here!




Blinkist lets you read and listen to the key lessons from 3000+ nonfiction books in 15 min or fewer. They offer one free book per day to read and listen. It’s easy to learn something new wherever you want and discover new books and ideas for your life and business. Alvar and Mathias are using it frequently while commuting, before sleep or during workouts. Mathias & Alvar are using the premium version every week.




N26 Business

Get your business a fresh bank account. Free and perfect for freelancers and small business. Open your account in minutes here.


P2P Lending


Mintos is the leading P2P marketplace in europe. You can diversify your portfolio with different types of loans from many countries. The platform has excellent risk management tools and a strong secondary market. If you’re new to P2P you probably want to start here and make around 11% of profits. FI Europe deal: Get 0.5-1% Cashback of your investements in the first 3 months with our link! Mathias and Alvar are using Grupeer.


Evostate is an aggregator for P2P investments from Estonia and offices in Lituania. With a single login you can invest for projects in real estate, equity and rental property from a variety of different platforms/deal originators. They also provide additional information about the risk. It’s an easy way to discover investment opportunities from different countries. Click here the get 15€ bonus on your first investment 



Swaper is one of the user friendliest P2P Lending platforms available. With their set and forget approach you can make 12 % per year or up to 14% if you choose to invest above 15%. They also offer a decent mobile app to monitor your portfolio. Mathias is using Grupeer.


Bulkstate offers investements in real estate projects with up to 19 % profit.


FAST INVEST is a P2P investment platform operating since 2015.

Over 30 000 users who have already joined the FAST INVEST platform can build passive income flow by investing in loans in EUR and PLN originated from the licensed lenders from Denmark, Spain, and Poland.

They offer:

  • The lowest entry point – start investing just from 1 EUR;
  • Money liquidity – they have no secondary market, no need to resell the loan to other investors, you can their  MoneyBack Guarantee and get all the principal sum back in 1 day;
  • Safe investments – all loans in the loan list are protected with the shortest BuyBack Guarantee – it is activated after the loan is overdue by 3 days.
  • can get up to 13% of interest rate.


Grupeer is an informative and financial IT platform connecting investors and loaners. Grupeer is offering options of investments, supporting users in their realization and controlling all the payments. User takes own decision according to criteria about an investment type and its amount. All loans offered on Grupeer Platform were issued by professionals of the credit market, they are as well provided with evaluation of loaners’ solvency and concluded agreements. Loans are secured by collateral. Mathias is using Grupeer.


CROWDESTOR-Crowdfunding Investment Platform You can invest in business, real estate and energy projects from 100 EUR. Our motto and drive is simplicity, transparency and safety. Mathias is using Grupeer.


EstateGuru is the leading European marketplace for short-term, property-backed loans. We connect developers, businesses and private individuals with investors, enabling them to raise the necessary capital to finance their projects or to borrow against professionally valued property. At the same time, investors can earn remarkable returns by investing in property-backed loans. The particular expertise of our founders from real estate development, legal, financial and investment scene enables us to assess each project adequately and identify its potential. To date, EstateGuru has more than 19 000 investors from 109 countries earning an annual average interest rate of 12.27%.


Robocash investment arena is an international financial holding within the framework of which consists of the company’s creditors of-Spain, Russia and Kazakhstan. Investment service offering investors loans that have been issued to those companies-creditors as part of the financial holding company composed by guaranteeing the full amount and the profit return.