Episode 147 – How To Give Effectively | Luke Freeman and Rebecca Herbst

Episode 147 – How To Give Effectively | Luke Freeman and Rebecca Herbst

Today Mathias talks with Luke and Rebecca about donating and philanthropy. Luke works for the organisation Giving What we Can” and Rebecca is already retired from her corporate career at WeWork and other companies. She is now teaching people part time about  personal finance at Yield and Spread.

Interestingly Rebecca is now giving what she earns in her side business to people in need. Today we want to find out why. Once you achieve a certain wealth, people often experience a strong desire to help others in need. Of course many of you are also giving before hitting that milestone right in your accumulation phase. Especially these days where millions are fleeing from war even in middle Europe. Something we really could not imagine some time ago.

We already talked with Sebastian in episode 36 about effective altruism and want to extend the topic even further. 

So today: You’ll learn about the motivation behind giving, how to screen for most effective projects, the history and evolution of philanthropy and how Europe and the US are different in here.

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We talk about

  • Motivation behind giving
  • History of philanthropy in US and EU 
  • How Giving What We Can works
  • How Rebacca has retired and donates

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