Episode 042 – Should I Add Crypto to My Investment Portfolio?

Episode 042 – Should I Add Crypto to My Investment Portfolio?

Dear FIE listeners, finally we have a crypto episode! We talk with Alexandros, who is currently living in Germany, about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and all the usual crypto topics from an FI perspective: we also take a look at how to invest in cryptocurrencies and what options are currently available.

We also talk about:

  • Bitcoin as a crypto standard
  • Other uses of blockchain
  • Investing at the right time
  • Diversifying the investment
  • Cryptocurrencies and tax regimes
  • Blockchain and privacy

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What is blockchain and crypto? 🤔

Alexandros comes from Greece and moved to Germany to study IT security: he currently lives in Germany and is developing his business – consulting services in the IT security field for firms and individuals. He explains the basic mechanisms of blockchain and how it’s applied in the cryptocurrencies framework, in order to better understand how they function and the differences between various currencies – some of which do not use blockchain at all.

First steps to effectively invest in cryptocurrencies

For an effective investment it’s mandatory to understand at least the basics of each cryptocurrency. As Warren Buffet says ‘Only invest in what you understand’. Today, platforms like Coinbase or eToro are available and have made investing in cryptocurrencies much easier: you have to remember though, that it’s a risky type of investment and the additional risk has to be taken into account. So it only makes sense to add it to your portfolio if you want to include a high-risk asset among other more secure sources.

The future of blockchain and how it can change the landscape of internet-based transactions

Alexandros tells us his personal view on how the current scenario of the transactions based around blockchain technology could evolve in the near future and what implications this change would have, based on his experience in IT security. In his view the field of application will expand as more and more transactions will be mad over the internet and the need for a trust mechanism will grow with it.


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