Episode 048 – How to Pursue Part-Time Financial Independence | The Fioneers

Episode 048 – How to Pursue Part-Time Financial Independence | The Fioneers

Welcome to another episode of the FI-Europe podcast! Today we interview Jessica of the Fioneers blog from the USA.

We also talk about:

  • Saving percentages
  • FI and social acceptance
  • Changing company’s culture
  • Side interests can empower career as well
  • Getting a part-time role
  • Student loans in the US

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Taking small steps to have the best possible journey to FI

Jessica lives in Boston and has been pursuing financial independence for the last year. Through their blog Fioneers, she and her husband want to spread their views and experience about developing a path to financial independence. The key concept is that the journey must be as exciting as the goal, so their approach consists in identifying and putting into action many small steps to make their life more enjoyable while on their way to reach FI, instead of making a strong effort now to retire early at a later moment.

Reasons for being busy – or not

Jessica has written an article that analyses patterns of activity in the US, and has come to the conclusion that people with a college degree or more ha intensified their activity level both at work and outside of work. This also raises the level of stress, but as Jessica notes, being busy is seen as a sign of value and social status. The FI perspective turns this mainstream narrative upside down, and brings actual quality of life back at the centre of the attention: it wasn’t until Jessica came to know the FI movement that she did question her lifestyle in this regard.

Part-time and financial independence

Jessica is working part-time, she chose it when starting to work for her company and this choice is in line with the FIoneers approach to financial independence. There are trade-offs, especially in terms of career trajectory – this will eventually slow down her career advancements – but she feels that there are other priorities she wants to put time and effort into, she enjoys her current manager role and doesn’t want to pursue entrepreneurship at the moment.

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