Episode 070 – Career Testing and Personal Finance Tips for Those in Their 20s | Araminta

Episode 070 – Career Testing and Personal Finance Tips for Those in Their 20s | Araminta

Hello everyone! This week Araminta is back with an interview she did for Jonathan in his podcast, where she talks about her current life in Malaysia, some personal finance tips for people in their 20s and her theories about career testing. Enjoy!

We also talk about:

  • Budgeting
  • Career capital
  • Transferable skills
  • Career adaptation
  • Online side income
  • The FIE Podcast!

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Starting a career in financial education

Araminta was 18 when she read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, well known amongst the personal finance community. She realized that she needed a financial education she missed until that point to be in control of her life. So she started reading books and started a blog to teach herself about investing, budgeting and so on. This way she discovered her love for fintech and financial education in general, and started doing freelance work for other bloggers which eventually snowballed into working with bigger clients. She’s now focused on helping young adults educating themselves in this area.

Money management for young adults

Being in control of our money allows ourselves to have the mental space to focus on the important things in life like career, family, health. Araminta has a four-steps agenda that can help people in their 20s to take control of their finances: where it differs from other approaches to personal finance is when it comes to making money. She suggests not to try and make as much money as you can in your 20s but instead focus on finding a career that fits you best. In your 20s the potential to make money isn’t very high, so you should focus on building skills, a network and a portfolio.

Career testing after 30

Building skills and career capital is a work in progress, it’s constantly evolving as you constantly learn something new about yourself, about the world and about careers. So even if you’re 35 or 40 you can still do some career testing, maybe retraining – just be realistic about it. You can test alternative career paths with constant investigation, research and trying new things. At 20 obviously there are more options, but you can always look from a different perspective and try to build different skills.

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