Episode 098 – Case Study: Saving 15k a year in Poland | Antonello Schiavo

Episode 098 – Case Study: Saving 15k a year in Poland | Antonello Schiavo

This episode is a case study with Antonello Schiavo who is 30 years old living in Poland. He is originally from Italy and moved to Poland to work there at Google. In this episode we talk about his path from saving nothing for several year until he finally kept 15k in 2019. We also talk about his retirement plans, airbnb and real estate in Poland and much more.

We talk about

  • Moving from Italy to Poland for work
  • Cost of living in Poland
  • Airbnb and Real Estate in Poland
  • Shift aways from Lifestyle Inflation
  • His Investment Style with ETFs and Retirement Plans
  • Financial Independence in Poland

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2 thoughts on “Episode 098 – Case Study: Saving 15k a year in Poland | Antonello Schiavo

  1. Saving 15k/year in Poland is pretty impressive. I wish he would have shared some more specifics such as his salary bracket at google. I know for a fact most customer service workers and other employees at outsourcing companies over there are barely making 1000 EUR per month.

    He mentions being wary of debt yet he lends money through mintos (no mention of how much) – does he research what kind of people he lends money to? How does he manage risk?

    41:52 – “You don’t need any debt for it because it’s arbitrage” I don’t get this, don’t you need to own the property you’re leasing through airbnb? Wouldn’t that usually involve a mortgage?

  2. Hi Facundo,

    You are right most customer service entry level roles at outsourcing companies are around 1000EUR a month, that’s why I’ve mentioned that I would recommend Poland for a middle management role (either you get it if you start and grow from the “bottom” here or relocating from another country with previous working experience)

    Happy to share with you my salary bracket (Base salary + Yearly Bonus)…It’s 50-70K Euro gross yearly

    Regarding Mintos, I manage risk first of all by investing only 5% of my total portfolio in Mintos and second by diversifying the number of Loan Originators I invest (currently I have 20 different Loan Originators). And being wary of debt means that I don’t want to have mortgage but this doesn’t mean that I can’t lend money on Mintos.

    About Airbnb I believe Mathias would have more information to answer your question.

    Antonello Schiavo

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