Episode 106 – Applied Flag Theory in Europe | Tim

Episode 106 – Applied Flag Theory in Europe | Tim

Mathias had Tim already in the podcast in episode 90. This time we focus on flag theory. We explain again just briefly the concept of flag theory as we already touched the topic in episode 71 with Christoph from Staatenlos.


It’s basically  about how to choose the country for your residence, business, bank accounts and so on so that you optimize your tax spendings and lifestyle.


Tim will provide us with real world examples as he lived in 4+ countries and we focus on how you can apply the theory within europe and give you some ideas where to start your flag theory journey.


Let us know what ideas you have on the topic in our facebook group. Please be aware that the episode topic might be controvers in some aspects and there are different moral judgements possible. The episodes information are just for informational purpose to give you an idea on what’s possible and this is no advise. You have to decide how you want to implement your strategy based on your ethical principles and make a conscious decision what countries you want to support.


We talk about:

  • geographical diversification
  • risks
  • best countries
  • tims passports
  • different visa types
  • opening bank accounts in other countries

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