Episode 130 – A Better Life For Half The Price | Tim Leffel

Episode 130 – A Better Life For Half The Price | Tim Leffel

Do you want a better life for half the price? Then this episode is for you! One strategy for financial independence is using geo-arbitrage and moving to a low-cost country to either save more or live better from the same income as in your current country. In today’s episode, I talk with Tim Leffel who is an experienced travel blogger, writer, and publisher since the 90th. And now he created a handbook for you to move abroad with a shortlist of countries and their up-and downsides. We also talk about his personal picks, how COVID-19 affected digital nomads worldwide, Europe’s role in the world, and of course his own story shifting his hub and home from Florida to Mexico. For those who are really interested to move abroad and want to get the best support we have some stuff to win : Tim contributed one of his so-called Committed Package for you to win. It includes the book, some reports, access to a mastermind group, and much more. Scroll down for more information. We talk about

  • importance of trial run periods
  • Who should pick what country
  • His travel experience and
  • How to start a publishing business in 2021
  • New Normal opportunities

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  Here is also the video version of the interview with Tim on Youtube.   Links

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