Financial Independence Europe Retreat 2019

Financial Independence Europe Retreat 2019

Ever eaten a BBQ, gone surfing, Yoga and nerded out on financial independence at the same time? 🏄‍♀️🤓
If you haven’t, now you will have the chance to do so at the…
Financial Independence Europe Podcast Retreat!!! 🎉🎉
Wait. What?
Here are the juicy deets:

What is this retreat? 

A 4 day retreat for financial independence nerds to hang out, eat some good food, have some fun and participate in a lot of interesting conversations.
The 4 days will consist of one or two conferences/talks in the mornings, and then a fun activity in the afternoon.

When will it be happening? 

From the 24-27 of May. Book the date😉
Options for people who wanna come earlier and stay longer are available. Drop us a message and we’ll arrange something.


In Aljezur, Portugal. It’s a lovely area a few hundred meters from the ocean and with beautiful sights.
The closest airport is Faro, but you can also get there from Lisbon or Porto

Where will we sleep?

Thanks to Mathias’ amazing contacts, we will be sharing some villa/houses with beautiful rooms in them. 
If you come with Kids drop us a message and we arrange something.

How much? 

The first 5 fellow surfers get 25€ off (update thats gone). So don’t procrastinate :)! Grab the tickets as soon as you can!
Flights are not included in the ticket. Surfing and airport transfer options are available at fair price point.


The schedule is still to be determined, but the plan is to have mornings dedicated to FI talks and interesting conferences/debates, and then we will do BBQ, surfing or town exploring in the afternoon.
If you would like to host a talk/debate or have a cool idea for something to do in the morning, please email us at financialindependenceeurope AT
We host the event unconference style. We are convinced everyone of you is a Guru in something so we wanna have all participants to contribute a talk, debate, workshop or fun activity. It’s also a great way to connect with each other. I (Mathias) was overwhelmed by the wisdom and experience provided by all participants. We update the schedule continuously and share with all fellow retreaters in advance.
So I’ve you wanna join these days of joy:
1) get a free eventbrite ticket by clicking the button to apply to come with us.
2) after that we reach out to you with a couple of questions.
3) then you make your payment with us

➡️Make your reservation now


💛 The FI Europe Team 💛


Is the date and location already fixed?


Can I stay longer or come earlier?

Yes. Just get in touch with us!

How do I get from the airport to FI Europe House?

We have options for bus, train, shuttle, car rental from Faro and Lisbon. Just get in touch with us and let us know your flight number.

Whats the content of the schedule?

We do not run a conference where you sit in your chair and consume content of self-declared gurus. Everybody is a guru! That’s why we run this event unconference style where every participant contributes something like a talk, workshop or activity. That doesn’t mean it has to do with investing necessarily. It can also be a yoga session or lego serious play session (like last year) or talk about “how I build my tiny house”. Everything is possible. Just reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or email. In the end, you have to have some trust that we will be able to bring up interesting stuff. Last year we managed to do so and satisfied curiousity of people who are already FI. We also share titles of some of the contribution some weeks before.

And I bring my family?

Yes. Just have in mind that we also have some young people who don’t listen dubstep on 120 decibels all night long and at the same time might not sleep at 8pm. We find the balance :). We might also offer childcare for a couple of hours depending on demand.

Until when do I have to book?

February 28 2019. We might be closing before. We might even offer a few tickets after that deadline at a higher price point and donate the difference to a good cause we can all agree on during the event. We let you know on social media and make a final call. As event organizers, we love people who decide earlier as planning is so much easier. At the same time, we also have a heart for procrastinators and slow decision makers who want to have all the options available and decide last minute.

18 thoughts on “Financial Independence Europe Retreat 2019

  1. Oh this looks tempting! Too bad our little one is in school at that time and it’s a โ‚ฌ100 a day fine to take her out… Not very FIRE-y

  2. Glad, that you like it! Maybe your little one can join school via Skype from the pool ๐Ÿ˜‰ or grandmother keeps an eye on him/her?

  3. I’m very interested!

    hope you give us more details about the schedule and what is the last date to give a confirmation.

    1. Hi Andrea,

      we added a FAQ question regarding the schedule at the bottom of this page. We basically won’t have a final schedule before the event is fully booked. Maybe we are able to give a glimpse in what we have planned before. Let me know if you have other questions. I’m happy to answer. Would be cool to see you in Portugal soon. I you apply for a ticket via eventbrite within the next few weeks you should be safe. As flight prices are increasing please consider to book as early as possible.

  4. This is a great initiative. I very much hope I can make it ot the retreat. All depending on how my South America excursion pans out. Currently planning two or three days ahead. Latin America is soooooo fluid.

  5. Hi, i was wondering what the procedure is for guest speakers to be involved in the retreat?

    1. Hi and thanks for reaching out. Just send us an email introduce yourself and propose a topic for one of our next events.

  6. This will turn into an annual thing and there will be a retreat in 2020 as well, right?! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Anon, Yes most definitely, we are preparing the 2020 edition and will announce more details later this year.

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