Episode 036 – How To Use FI to Actually Make A Difference | Sebastien from Impactivated

Episode 036 – How To Use FI to Actually Make A Difference | Sebastien from Impactivated

Welcome to another episode! We interview Sebastien from Belgium, where we discuss the science of helping others, finding a fulfilling career and ultimately making the world a better place. Sebastien has lived in Dubai and now lives in Poland, reaching FI at 33 and now on a new path to using his time to make an impact.

We also talk about:

  • Effective Altruism and how to find a fulfilling career
  • The 80,000 concept
  • Ikigai
  • The paradox of working in the FI movement
  • FI as a tool
  • Some highly neglected/highly solvable problems in the world

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Effective Altruism as a way to live a fulfilling life after reaching FI

Sebastien has a background as a consultant and manager in sustainable technologies. He discovered the FI movement about five years ago and started to build his life around that concept, reaching financial independence at the age of 33. He is now in a phase where all options are open and has come to find a way to add fulfillment to his life through another movement quite similar to FI: it’s called Effective Altruism and focuses around making the world a better place in the most effective possible way.

Determining the deciding factors to find a fulfilling career

Balancing our passions with our actual talents and how we can use them in a profitable way is crucial to identify a life and career path that can lead to our fulfillment. Sebastien adds to it by taking a broader view that includes the impact we can have on the world as a whole. By starting to consider what the world needs and what we are good at, we can find something that eventually will bring money, because we will be bringing a solution to real world problems.

The importance of focusing on a worldwide perspective

FI can allows people to have time, money and freedom, something most people don’t have since they are so focused on work. In this sense, the FI community is a great place to increase awareness of the amazing potential they can do to help others with their newfound freedom. Creative expression, traveling and other forms of self-development are things we ache to do after reaching FI. But many times people don’t think further than that – what will I do after my 1 year travelling the world? After watching all the shows on Netflix? After never waking up to an alarm again? Sebastien explains that giving back, helping others and fighting for greater causes are some ways to find fulfillment.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 036 – How To Use FI to Actually Make A Difference | Sebastien from Impactivated

  1. I love your blog! It’s so handy to have so many great people to take example of.
    Maybe once I get started with my English blog I could get featured here, too?
    I’m blogging about FI on https://www.thewealthyfinn.com/ but I originally started writing in Finnish back in 2010 at https://www.vaurastu.net.
    I’m already close to FI, with a net worth of 400k+ and a monthly passive income around 2k-ish.
    Anyway, that’s me. I’ll definitely be following your blog!

    1. Hi Eelis,

      sounds good. We’ve seen your mail and reach out to you!

      Best Regards to Finnland,


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