Episode 074 – SR, ROI And Redefining The Podcast

Episode 074 – SR, ROI And Redefining The Podcast

Hello everyone! In this episodes all three co-hosts of the FI-Europe podcast, Alvar, Mathias and Araminta discuss their savings rates and ROI for the current year, and compare it to what they planned in episode 29. They will also reflect on how the concept of financial independence has evolved for them, and also take a look at how is the podcast doing, its achievements and plans for the future. Enjoy!

We also talk about:

  • The FIE podcast numbers
  • The Facebook group
  • Collaborators
  • Community Episodes
  • Sponsors
  • Retreats

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Mathias takes a look at his numbers

Mathias is going through a period of changes, he is investing in his own personal growth and is just back from a 4-weeks period where he focused on that. His current SR is about 36%, his goal was reaching a 60% rate but he soon found that living in Cologne with taxes, kindergarten, an active life and some hobbies. He doesn’t know his exact overall ROI, just the returns on single strategies, which lie between 2% and 35%. He is now focusing more on enjoying life, and sees his strategies aiming more at increasing ROI than reaching FI asap, with an eye open to entrepreneurship.

Araminta’s journey to South East Asia

Araminta has made a significant experience living in South East Asia for more than six months: she has been able to make a full time income from her freelance job and build a 6 months emergency fund, and is planning to start an agency in 2020. But she has also been ill and in need of exams and hospital care, which made her reconsider her focus on career testing. Now she still considers career testing important and a priority when young ,but it’s more a balancing act between career exploration, making money and lifestyle. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one of those.

Alvar and a different perspective on FI

Alvar has switched jobs and moved back into IT: he currently works five minutes min from home, worked 35 hours a week and is trying to increase his life stability right now. Getting to FI asap is less of a goal now, he is now focusing more on enjoying the journey and living in the best possible way. His SR is about 58% and the average ROI is 8-9%, mainly due to the fact that he is planning to buy a property in Edinburgh to cut out housing expenses and is keeping an amount of cash ready for it.

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