Episode CF06 – Backtesting Your Portfolio | Yoran

Episode CF06 – Backtesting Your Portfolio | Yoran

Hello everybody, welcome back to another podcast! Today we’re going to dive into the world of backtesting with our guest Yoran. He recently built a free tool for backtesting portfolios for European investors, and we’ll talk with him about many aspects of this topic. Enjoy!

We also talk about:

  • Simplicity of portfolios
  • Copying investment strategies
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • Data sources

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A tool for European investors

Yoran is 30 and is running a business in the education sector. He came in contact with the FI movement when he realized that the interest rate of his bank account were very low, so he decided to read about about investing and making money. He soon noticed that European investors suffered a lack of information tailored to their situation, and started a blog to share his experience. He also decided to build a tool for deeper portfolio analysis, it was natural to make it available to the community.

Indicators for passive investors

An underlying assumption of Yoran’s model is that with a portfolio of bonds and stocks you have to consider your rebalance strategy, and there are several strategies and time frames you can adopt, and indicators that can greatly help in choosing one and evaluating its performance. The model uses historical data from different indexes and checks the portfolio’s past performance and compares it to other portfolios.

A platform for index funds investment

Yoran’s current business is Curvo, a platform for index funds investment especially aimed at young people. It lies at the intersection of his disappointment with low savings account returns and the model he built for himself. It’s launching right now and the goal of Yoran and his co-founder is to give a form of financial education along with help in investments for people who have little knowledge in the field.

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