Episode 085 – Online Tutoring As An Effective Side Hustle | Jonas from StudySquare

Episode 085 – Online Tutoring As An Effective Side Hustle | Jonas from StudySquare

Hello! In today’s episode Araminta talks with Jonas, a student from Lithuania who is making a full time income as a tutor while studying in Edinburgh. In this chat we learn more about a very interesting side hustle and how this has grown into a full fledged income source with lots of room to expand. Enjoy!

We also talk about:

  • Taking exams
  • Being qualified as a tutor
  • The role of parents
  • Feedback on websites
  • Resources to teach online
  • Soft skills

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How online teaching works

Jonas is a student from Lithuania that has started a very successful business as an online tutor. He started doing traditional face-to-face tutoring in Edinburgh and switched to Skype lessons almost by chance: from there, he made a lot of research on how to find students, applied to many online platforms and has now a steady income stream from his activity. He shares with us many details on specializations, types of students and much more.

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Learning how to teach

Jonas confirms that apart from technical proficiency in the field, a specific skillset is required in order to become an online teacher. In order to acquire it, he explains how a mix of formal training and hands-on experience is needed: starting with this activity, making errors and growing is of paramount importance and he considers it the first source of knowledge.

How to organize an online class

There are many different options when defining a process for preparing an online class: Jonas has tried many of them, from creating material on the spot to a more systematic approach. He ended up building a dataset of about 3000 questions, prepared by him and others, and made it accessible through a website that has evolved into a platform for both teachers and students with a subscription plan.

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