Episode 136 – Crypto Assets Update – New Applications and Infrastructure for 2021

Episode 136 – Crypto Assets Update – New Applications and Infrastructure for 2021

In this episode we dive quite deep into cryptocurrencies and assets!

Because decentralized financial systems will one day compliment or replace the current financial system. Decentralized technologies are also evolving and can fuel all kinds of non-financial transactions, too. Like insurance policies, event tickets or investing in companies.

And right now mainstream financial providers like paypal starting to adopt crypto currencies like bitcoin.

Hedge fund managers like Peter Druckenmiller and companies like Square and microstrategy favor investing their company capital in cryptocurrencies. Conventional so-called “fiat” currencies like Dollar and Euro are being diluted by the increased amount of “printed” money.

As the popularity of crypto is increasing and slowly goes mainstream I would like our community to understand new and important concepts in that field and what new developments beyond Bitcoin are available or being developed.

As I recently hosted a FinTech & InsurTech Meetup on that topic and invited some experts in that field I just republish the presentation that has been recorded in the meetup including the Q&A here in the FI Europe Podcast.

The two speakers of the presentation are Oliver Thylmann and Sebastian Deutsch who are both serial Entrepreneurs. Oliver runs a company called Giant Swarm for cloud computing Kubernetes cluster and Sebastian a web and app development agency.

They will tell you more about their path in the beginning of the presentation

If you are not familiar with crypto assets you might feel a little bit overwhelmed especially as the presentation is tailored to an audience for people curious about financial technology, business models and innovation.

Feel free to skip the episode or just don’t try to understand everything at once but instead pick a few ideas, then do your own research and discuss your findings in our Facebook group.

Let us also know what you think and what content you would like to see in the future.


We talk about

  • DAI:  the goto stablecoin tied to the dollar to store value under low volatility
  • ETH2: mining Ethereum with a raspberry pie will become possible and reduce spend on energy
  • Makerdao: enables loan issuing
  • Uniswap: convert coins without order books and provides liquidity.
  • Compound, Liquidity Mining and Uniswap
  • Ampleforth: a cryptocurrency that can increase or decrease supply based on demand.
  • The Start of DeFi with Flash Loans
  • Stablecoins with MakerDAO
  • Ethereum and staking
  • Dfinitiy, Blockstack
  • Algorithmic Stablecoins

An episode only for crypto nerds 😉

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