Episode 137 – Career Hacking | Goncalo

Episode 137 – Career Hacking | Goncalo

Hi Fi Europeans

this is Mathias! Today I Interview Goncalo and we make it little case study. I met him the first time at the FI Europe Retreat in Portugal and we now catch up and to see what happened to Goncalo in the last 2 years.

You learn about the stages he took to get from a lower income country Portugal to Switzerland by taking a stopover in the Czech Republic. We see what he learned in and about these countries and how he could 10x his salary. He also tells us how he went abroad for free when he studied. Hope enjoy Goncalo story!

We talk about

  • Career Hacking as a Tween
  • geo arbitrage
  • Working in czech republic and Switzerland
  • Fi Community in Switzerland
  • How to go abroad for free as a student

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