Episode CF010 – Company Benefits

Episode CF010 – Company Benefits

Hello! In this episode Alvar and Tom talk about company benefits, what can you get and how they perform in comparison with other assets: we will learn about the different types of benefit a company can distribute and how to use them to our advantage. Enjoy!

We also talk about:

  • Risks and rewards
  • Emotional factors
  • Taxes and benefits
  • Market volatility

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Investing in our company or not

There are many forms of benefits that companies can distribute: for example, Tom has received an option to invest in the stocks from the company over a three-years period. This could be a great opportunity, but also presents some risks to take into account, essentially the performance of the company over the years, making it less competitive than other forms of investment.

Other types of benefits

Stocks and shares can come as a benefit in a variety of ways, but many other types of benefits can be distributed: from health insurance to free gym, free food, discounts of all sorts, courses and training, these perks can be more or less valuable for each one, but surely are a resource to consider!

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