Episode 078 – Painkiller for P2P Real Estate Investing | Gustas from Evoestate

Episode 078 – Painkiller for P2P Real Estate Investing | Gustas from Evoestate

Hello FI Europeans! Today Mathias interviews Gustas Germanavičius, an entrepreneur from Lituania. He is the CEO of Evoestate, a P2P lending aggregator – think of it as the Mintos of real estate. With Evoestate right now you can diversify across projects of 18 other deal providers like Bulkestate, Brickstarter, Crowdestor, Bergfürst. It all starts with an investment amount of just 50 euros, and you can not only invest in loans but also rental property and buy real equity shares. Lots of food for thought, and a nice bonus as well: if you choose to try Evoestate after listening to this episode you can get a 15€ bonus after your first investment. Interested? Look here.

We also talk about:

  • geographical restrictions
  • Importance of evaluating the collateral
  • How Evostate makes life easier for investors
  • Why you should trust them and how they are making their money
  • Platform economy within P2P investing space
  • Gustas entrepreneurial background starting at the age of 12

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A real estate p2p investment platform

Evoestate presents itself as a real estate investment aggregator, or a “platform of platforms”: it aggregates deals from major European real estate crowdfunding platforms, allowing to easily diversify through different countries and types of investment. Investments can be as low as 50 euros and there are many clever twists that make this platform an interesting solution to try in our search for a passive income source.

Trusting a real estate aggregator

For this type of platforms establishing trust among the investors is the key factor for success: Gustas and his partner in the company have made a substantial investment, so they have ‘skin in the game’ and personally share the same risks that investors in the platform can face. Gustas also considers the specific knowledge and database they are building as a great resource for keeping a trust bond with their clients.

Gustas’ approach to FI

Speaking of the road to financial independence, Gustas has a very valuable experience to share: his entrepreneurial career started very early, he and his Co-Founder have invested in many different assets including a startup like Revolut, and of course he has a deep knowledge of the real estate market. He thinks everyone has a different approach that can work. It all boils down to spend less then you make, keep cash flow under control and investing as soon as possible to accelerate the journey. He also emphasises the importance of reaching out to people who are already where you want to be.

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