Episode 142 – How Regulation Will Change P2P Lending | Mintos CEO Martins Sulte

Episode 142 – How Regulation Will Change P2P Lending | Mintos CEO Martins Sulte



Hi FI Europeans,

today I had the pleasure to interview Martins Sulte who is the founder and CEO of Mintos. It’s the biggest P2P Lending marketplace in Europe and they started in 2015  and are headquartered in Riga.

On mintos platform, there are currently around 50 companies that lend out loans in 12 currencies to borrowers in 38 countries worldwide. More than 40k investors fund loans in 9 loan segments. Like car loans, property, agriculture, small business, consumer loans and so forth…

In this episode, we talk about how Martins experienced and managed the first real economic crisis due to Covid19 and we discuss how the industry will evolve going forward e.g. with regulation.

We also cover how the Financial Independence Community can leverage P2P, what asset classes Martins invests in and if Crypto and Sustainable Financial is a thing for mintos going forward.

Hope you enjoy my chat with Martin!

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We talk about

    • how he experienced 2020
    • How regulation will make a difference for mintos
    • the marketplace model
    • how to attract quality Loan Originators
    • how martins invests
    • Social responsibility and ESG in P2P
    • New default strategies for investors

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