Episode 141 – Investing in Real Estate via Syndications | Kris from White Fire Equity

Episode 141 – Investing in Real Estate via Syndications | Kris from White Fire Equity

Hi FI Europeans,

some people are really good and a natural fit in building up and managing a bunch of properties. They like to interact with people, workers and other local stakeholders of their real estate.

They dig deep into the knowledge domain of Real Estate and take the time. So much time that there is not much left to learn about other asset classes.

Like me not everybody currently has the time and ambition to dig deep into DIY real estate investing and want a kind of managed solution.
For those there are Real Estate ETFs, Property P2P Lending  and local real state agencies available to choose from. All with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Additionally to these options there are also solutions where there is a lead investor and you can join them as a smaller fellow investor. They get your capital and you get their knowledge, market access and network of experts.

Sounds too good to be true? Mostly the problems are in the details of course… so lets have a look.

Today I will have another attempt to find a managed solution for real estate investments. I talk to Kris from White Fire Equity. He is an American living in Switzerland.

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We talk about

  • Investing in large projects
  • Leverage knowledge of experienced investors
  • US Real estate market
  • What Real Estate syndications are
  • Pros and cons of syndications

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