Episode 037 – We Finally Have a FI Book For Europeans | David Sawyer

Episode 037 – We Finally Have a FI Book For Europeans | David Sawyer

Today we interview David Sawyer, the first author of EU/UK FI book! We talk with him about life trajectories, investing, reading and of course his book.

We also talk about:

    • Reading books
    • Rabbit holes and life hacks
    • Information and the internet
    • Investing strategies
    • The importance of the stash
    • Investment calculators

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Transferring US knowledge to the UK context is something to write a book about

When Dave left his job and started his own company, it was the beginning of a five-year journey through “a thousand rabbit holes” in search of financial independence. After realizing that no one around him was into the same things, he decided to write a book that applied US concepts to the UK. His book does not talk about 401ks and the rest, but instead about ISAs and European pension plans. Finally something we can relate to!

Exposure to the correct information can be crucial in defining the right life trajectory

We follow Dave’s journey from his primary school years to his beginnings in journalism, where he found himself working 60 hours per week and not doing the progress he was looking for. So he decided to jump ship and start working in PR, which he has done for nearly 20 years. Then, with the shift to digital media he felt the scenario was changing again and by chance came in contact through a LinkedIn post with the FI movement in the US. It radically changed his life and objective. One post can literally change your life!

Financial independence can be a vehicle for a broader life concept

90% of Dave’s book is applicable to anyone living in the US – David simply extends it to the EU too. This is because the approach to FI that he talks about has a much broader reach than strictly investing strategies or early retirement. At the end of the day, the concept of FI is the same everywhere – reaching true financial freedom to finally be able to do what you want.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 037 – We Finally Have a FI Book For Europeans | David Sawyer

  1. Thankyou I really enjoyed this episode.

    David spoke so clearly and not to fast
    and was easy to understand. The questions
    were very insightful too.. and I liked
    how the interviewer gave David the time
    he needed to answer succinctly.

    I listen with pleasure to your informative
    podcasts using the BeyondPod app. Thank you all
    for the interesting topics and guests you have.
    And the work you put into creating them.
    And recommend them to any who will listen!

    Please continue to make these great podcasts.
    If you can suggest any relevant podcasts to
    people like myself, older, retired, and would
    like to ensure their money works harder for them,
    please do.

    1. Hi Melanie,

      Thank you so much for the nice comment. We really are trying to bring many interesting people on the podcast. If there is anything in particular you would like use to cover let us know!

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